As an investor, you want to make your money work hard for you – and investing in property development can be an ideal way of achieving that aim.

But the process of acquiring and developing land can often be a lengthy and complicated one, demanding an in-depth understanding of the sector, coupled with years of experience in making successful deals.

Which is where we come in.

At Coworth Homes, we continually secure schemes in the south east and west of the UK. Whilst we have funding in place for a number of these projects, we also welcome approaches from high net worth individuals who are looking for excellent returns on their money.

We can offer investments on a project by project basis, or a more general approach – both short or long term.

So if you’d like to get involved in the cut and thrust of property development, whilst allowing the day to day work to be carried out by our team of property professionals, please make contact with Charles or Adam Hesse for a confidential conversation.