Strategic Land

The combination of your potential development site alongside our planning and architectural expertise, gives you, the perfect land development formula.

Given the Government’s target to build more sustainable housing, if you have land that may be suitable for urban development it would substantially increase in value with planning permission in place.

As co-developers, Coworth Homes will:

  • Take all the risk – no financial contribution is required from you.
  • Fully finance the process – if we fail to secure planning permission for your land you pay nothing.
  • Work with you on joint venture partnership basis – we will agree a fair value split for your site in advance and we will only take a return on our investment once planning permission is successfully secured and your land has been sold for development.

if you own land that you think could be suitable for development, even if it’s currently in the greenbelt, please call us on 0845 505 2255 for a free initial desktop review.